We’re the creative, the agency of choice.

Introducing the new digital marketing and print era

We take marketing your brand seriously, we’re a team of fun, outgoing people who love keeping up with latest trends, so we can ensure your brand is modern and sophisticated. 

One of our greatest characteristics is that our creativity is also our hobby, although we have a great time working on your brand, we never lack quality, its what puts us above the rest

We’re the square pegs in round holes,  we are creatives and we live to colour your world. We’re the ones who does marketing the right way, when it comes to getting your brand recognized we treat it as our own and bring your ultimate dreams to life.

Here an Orange Media we believe that you are our highest priority, your success, your brand, your vision is what we adopt as our own making us the best choice for your brand, and seeing it through till you reach that ultimate goal you’ve always had, bringing your dreams to life.

Making your brand, more than just a brand.


Our long road to success

Established in 2016, rising to success OrangeMedia has partnered with many different brand across South Africa as well as internationally, America, London as well as Australia, having built an industry name OrangeMedia rebranded in early 2019 with a new modernized look expanding largely into the print industry as well, making OrangeMediaGroup your central marketing agency from the conceptual stages all the way through to production and finally in your hands ready to grow your business to a whole new level.

OrangeMedia your next big thing